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Roograhu port

ROOGRAHU MARINA located on the northern shore of Hiiumaa, 5 km from Kärdla and 600 meters from Kärdla airport. Roograhu marina has modern service building with hotel and restaurant opened to guests all year round. Hotel rooms are with picturesque view to the sea. Marina has a winter storage hall for keeping yachts and boats over winter. NEW! Depth of Roograhu harbour basin is now 2,5 meters, after dredging works made in 2015 spring. Roograhu fairway is marked from its starting point until the marina with lateral marking.


Restaurant menu
Troll´s pizza - 8.oo/11.50

Ham, mushroom, paprika, onion

Pizza Roograhu - 8.00/11.50

Ham, shrimp, paprika, pineapple, blue cheese

Pirate´s pizza - 8.00/11.50

Salami, ham, tomato, onion, garlic

Sailor´s temptation - 8.00/11.50

Ham, tuna fish, onion, garlic, pineapple

Minced meat Pizza - 8.00/11.50

Minced meat, pickled cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic

Chicken Pizza - 8.00/11.50

Chicken fillet, paprika, pineapple, olive, pesto

Mermaid´s pizza - 8.00/11.50

Tuna fish, shrimps, pineapple, blue cheese

Gardener´s pizza - 8.00/11.50

Chinese cabbage, paprika, mushrooms, tomato, pineapple

Salami pizza - 8.00/11.50

Salami, pineapple, mushroom, paprika, garlic

Captain´s hot - 8.00/11.50

Salami, garlic, jalopeno, onion, pineapple

Route 66 - 8.00/11.50

Chicken fillet, minced meat, pineapple, chili, BBQ sauce

*When buying a pizza to go, the price of the box is added 0.50


On the 2nd floor of harbour building are 5 double hotel rooms and recreation room with the terrace. Every room has shower, WC and TV. All rooms have picturesque view to the sea.

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